Mattias experiences in acting

Swedish actor, Asian heritage with stunt and fight skills. Located in Stockholm Sweden.


Production Author/Producer Role Year
Diskriminering Shortcut media Zhang Wei 2018
Clean hand day House of Radon Businessman 2018
Avsikt C.Andersson Films Jens 2018
Djävulens Marionetter Bengtsson Brothers Production Pitchin 2018
Old mans revenge Tannerstad Films Bao 2018
Paralyzed Three Panda Productions Danny 2018
Magico Licensorama Jorge Miranda Production Wizard 2018
Evolution of Ericsson House of Radon The Expert 2018
Game changer River Judge 2018
Days of our lives Soderbergs Daddy 2018
Turandot Folkoperan Friend from the past 2017
On Human Terms Clever Learning Erik 2017
Tiny Soprano Simon Thil Kioskägare 2017
Walk with me in Hell Ronin Media Kevin 2017
Canibal King (Kanibalkungen) Hell in Motion Mr. Bird man 2017
Direct Deposit DEP Films SWAT 2017
Future banking Contento Wassum Liam 2017
Luciatåget Svenska Narrativ Pepparkaka 2016
Julkalendern Apricot Stones Ming 2016
Red Lotus Fenix Film Wang 2016
Brand Profile Atlascopco Businessman 2015
XC90 Promo New Land Double 2015
Tokyo Bust Carnivale Tjion 2013
Sören FLX Fångvaktare 2012
Sun Shadows: Faithful Kiss Moonday Ent. Darmish Baltazaar 2012
Kinesen (Novel by Henning Mankel) Yellow Bird Ya Ru (Double) 2011
Hur ser en polis ut? Phoenix Media Polis 2011
Ericsson ACNE Skidman 2011
Invandrare i yrkeslivet Manpower Student 2008


Above is Mattias CV.

Recently Mattias joined SCS (Stage Combat Stockholm) which is an assemble of people ready to do the hard work on set as stunt, fight coordination, weapon & tactical technique and more. Our group consists of various types of actors with different skills, all of us speaks English and Swedish fluently. For more information, please contact Mattias by e-mail or with the contact form.