Mattias Ng

Swedish Chinese Asian Actor

About Mattias Ng

Swedish Chinese Asian Actor with fighting & stunt skills

Mattias Ng

Swedish born Chinese - fluently in Swedish, English & Chinese imdb
Mattias is a Swedish Chinese actor living in Stockholm.

He has many years of experience as a film actor. In 2011 he was featured in Henning Mankel's filmed novel "Kinesen". After that he has participated in other productions like Red Lotus, Tiny Soprano, Kannibalkungen and others.

In 2017, Mattias was also in the Opera "Turandot" and played the role "The Friend".

Mattias also has experience in combating sports and is trained in stunt and stage combat. So Mattias prefers to make his own stunt and skills to coordinate these in production.

He has many language skills. Am/Br. English. Cantonese (South Chinese) is his native language and Mandarin, he is fluent in speech.

Mattias holds driving licenses A and B, and in combination with stunt he has skills in precision driving

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Some things that I've done

2018 - Djävulens Marionetter - Pitchin - Bengtsson Brother Production imdb

2018 - Avsikt - Jens - C.Andersson Film

2018 - Paralyzed - Danny - Three Panda Productions imdb

2017 - Turandot - Friend from the past - Folkoperan

2017 - Tiny Sopranos - STHLM Filmskola/Simon Thil

2017 - Walk with me in Hell - Ronin Media

2017 - Kanibalkungen - Hell in Motion imdb

2017 - Direct Deposit - DEP Films imdb

2017 - Future - Liam - Contento Wassum Short version

2016 - Red Lotus - Wang - Fenix Production Youtube

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